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Teaching Events

Khenchen Pema Sherab in Melbourne in November 2013

Nagarjuna’s Letter to a Friend (10 sessions)

Monday 11th November – Friday 15th November 2013 (sessions 1 -5)

Monday 18th November – Friday 22nd November 2013 (sessions 6 -10)

Time:   7 pm – 9.30 pm

Venue: 8 Avis Court, Forest Hill 3131 (Melway 62 C5)

Cost: $30 per session/ $28 concession/ $26 Lotus Speech members

$280 for 10 sessions/ $260 concession for 10 sessions/ $240 members for 10 sessions

Please register at

Nagarjuna wrote this poem Letter to a Friend as a gift advice to his friend and student King Decho Zangpo. It covers the whole Mahayana path from the basic foundations to the profound views of the Mahayana. Khenchen Pema Sherab ( will provide commentaries and explanation on these verses. We are fortunate that the teachings will be translated by Khenpo Tenzin Norgay (

Reference text: Nagarjuna’s Letter to a Friend: with commentary by Kyabje Kangyur Rinpoche. Translated by the Padmakara Translation Group 2005. Snow Lion Publications, New York, USA.

Ratna Lingpa Vajrakilaya Empowerment

Sunday 17th November 2013

Time:   2 pm

Venue: 8 Avis Court, Forest Hill 3131 (Melway 62 C5)

Cost: $60/ $55 concession/ LSA members $50

Please register at early as there are very limited spaces.

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED FOR EMPOWERMENT as all places are filled (as of 13th November 2013).

Khenchen Pema Sherab is also teaching at the KPC Australia Buddhist Centre at Mount Helen from the 1st November to the 8th November 2013. For further information on the teaching program, the Amitabha and Chenrezig epowerments , please contact on (03)5341 8147 or 0418 585 532 or email:

Changling Rinpoche in Hong Kong May 2013

Changling Rinpoche will be teaching in Hong Kong during May 2013. Please refer to Lotus Speech Hong Kong website for further details:

Complete Transmission of Lama Mipham

His Eminence Kyabje Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche will confer the empowerment of the entire works of Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche of the Nyingma Tradition followed by the complete oral transmission and long life empowerment at the conclusion of the event. The teaching will start on 23rd January 2013 in Bodh Gaya, India after the completion of the Annual Nyingma Monlam Chenmo

This is a highly significant transmission event, and attending for all or a significant part of this transmission would be of great benefit for the practitioner.

Changling Rinpoche’s 2012 Australian Teachings and Longchen Gar Annual Retreat


Saturday 27th October – Sunday 28th October 2012  Heart Sutra Teachings Aloka Meditation Centre, Peats Ridge, NSW. For further information please contact:

Monday 29th October –  Wednesday 31st October 2012 Wollongong, NSW.

Monday 29th October 2012 at 7.30 pm Public Talk: A Mind Free of Extremes

Venue: Thirroul Community Centre, 352-358 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Thirroul

Cost: $25/20 concession

Tuesday 30th October – Wednesday 31st October 2012

The Heart of Compassion at 2 pm – 4.30 pm and 7 – 9 pm

Venue: Thirroul TBA.

Cost: $140/100 concession for 4 sessions or $75/ 60 per day. Bookings essential: 0404 221 878 or


Friday 2nd November 2012 at 7 pm Mindrolling Vajrasattva Empowerment

Minling Dorsem or Mindrolling Vajrasattva ritual is part of the Vajrasattva cycle of teachings discovered by Chögyal Terdag Lingpa. The Vajrasattva is understood as the embodiment of wisdom mind of all the enlightened ones and the Vajrasattva practice clears out the negative karma and all the obscuration for the liberation and the enlightenment.

Venue: 8 Avis Court, Forest Hill 3131 (Melway 62 C5)

Cost: $60/$55 concession. Please write to to register as there is limited space. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS FULLY SUBSCRIBED

Saturday 3rd November - Friday 9th November 2012  Longchen Gar Annual Retreat – The Garland of Views

The Garland of Views: An Instruction was written by Padmasambhava. It is a note summarising the different views and vehicles starting from the shravaka to Dzogchen. It is the only text in the Karma collection attributed to him; all his other compositions belong to the category of terma. This was composed by Padmasambhava as a summary of all his instructions that he gave the King and his retinue before he left Tibet. Having an understanding is necessary for practitioners in order not to get lost on the path to enlightenment.

Please write to for details of retreat. Potential students must have received Annutara Tantra Empowerment. Attending the Mindrolling Vajrasattva Empowerment on Friday 2nd November 2012 will fulfill the requirement of an Annutara Tantra Empowerment. Registration is essential.

Sunday 11th November 2012 Heart Sutra Teachings

2 sessions: 10 am – 1pm , 2.30pm – 5.30 pm Cost: $75/$70 concession per day . Please write to for further information and to register.

Monday 12th November 2012  Riwo Sangchod

Cost: $60/$50 concession per day.Please write to for further information and to register.

Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd November 2012 Namchoe Amitabha Sadhana Practice

Venue at 8 Avis Court, Forest Hill 3131 starting at 7 pm. Cost: by donation

Friday 23rd November 2012 Rangjung Padma Nyingthik “Vajra Armour Destruction of Evildoers” (Dorje Drollo) Empowerment

Dorje Drollo is Wrathful Guru Rinpoche who is the antidote to the king spirits.
Venue: 8 Avis Court, Forest Hill 3131
Time: 7 pm
Cost: $70/ $60 concession// $55 LSA members
Please write to to register.Please reserve your places as there are limited places.

Note: please continue to check the website for any last minute changes.